eos Rapid
EOS Rapid is a next generation block producer that is on a mission to make EOS the best dApp development platform in the world.
We believe and in transparent and fair governance motivated by common sense judgements and evidence based reasoning.
At Rapid, we make governance descisions based on what is best for the token holders.
Transparency and Accountability
We strive to be transparent to the community, and frequently ask for feedback from our voters and the EOS community at large using social media.
At Rapid, transparency means being frank and open with the public when we make a mistake.
Community Involvement
We have strong community involvement and have built a variety of tools for the community including a fully featured IDE, node setup tools, a mainnet snapshot service, and more.
At Rapid, community involvement means working to onboard more developers and dApps to the EOS mainnet.
EOS Rapid is owned and built by its employees. Co-founders and employees hold the majority ownership of the company, while backers hold more than 10%.
Rapid's incentive structure is driven by our commitment to the EOS mainnet.